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Matt here again.  I’ve learned a lot of patience with my rescue dogs.  In this article I wanted to give you a little insight to patience in training older dogs.  Rescue dogs can be your best friend ever.  These mutts are worth the time and effort to train them to be a member of your home.   Potty training rescue dogs can be a challenge.  Most of us have specific places in our yard where we want the dog to do its “business”.  That’s what I’m addressing here:

Potty training an old dog is possible, despite what majority of humans imagine. A canine is never too old to learn where you desire him or her to go relieve them. When you first begin house disciplining for an senior dog you are supposed to check for any health problems that may constitute for more difficult potty training. When you have cleared any suspicion of medical troubles it’s time to begin home training for your elder canine! With passage of time and support you will see that your senior mutt will contentedly go potty within their selected area.

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Your dog needs to think you enjoy this training – even though you might prefer watching a game on TV. If you look at the process as a duty your mutt will pick up on your attitude. If you take on the potty training with a positive view, things will go much more smoothly for both of you. Potty training an older dog will take a bit of time and patience, but usually a excellent attitude will get you both all the way through.

Remember patience  throughout this crucial phase, remember, your dog did not have the benefit of learning early. You may not even know the dog’s background.  Dogs are just like humans; they get set in their ways and build up walls to new ideas. They may have never even thought of moving to the toilet anywhere else but where they usually go, so it might take you some time to force them to break their acts. Have confidence; home teaching an senior canine is achievable!

Various challenges you might find while home breaking an senior canine is its boredom with his motivation to learn. An inability to split old routine can be difficult at times for various mutts that are set in their ways. We all know a human or two like this, Don’t we?! Don’t loose hope! Endurance is the key here.

You may find it very helpful to make use of potty disciplining aids while potty training older dogs. Some types of the products you may want to look at are listed below:

·Fragranced puppy pads which smell similar to urine & magnetize the dog to a particular area!

·Newspaper can be useful especially when combined with urine perfumed spray or drops.

·Crate educating will support your mutt to maintain her private area spotless until you can escort him or her to the proper place to potty. As soon as you see them begin to pee, give them a command.  Be consistent and they will connect the command with peeing.

·Take the dog out every two – three hours to the “designated potty place” and command him or her when they go to the good place.

You may find it beneficial to use several of these techniques when potty training older dogs. For instance, you might want to place your elder dog in a crate while you are at work or away from home, but when you come home you should immediately take him to the designated pee spot and command him to go. The key is to be consistent, to do the similar things every day so that your dog picks up on the attitude & in due course does it on his or her own.

Constructive Reinforcement Takes Devotion & Time

training older dogs-sitIf your mutt goes to the restroom in the wrong place, scold them if you catch them in the act. If you don’t find them in the act, scolding them would not help the situation. When you see your canine go potty in the correct spot, praise them with words and affection. Make Consistent application of this and your older mutt will be home trained and living contentedly within the restrictions of your house.

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Oct 28

Hi, Matt here,

When training older dogs, you have to have patience.  He’s not a puppy and has had many life experiences.  You definitely have to learn to be a little bit stricter with an older dog simply because he has a good deal more native intelligence than a puppy and he also knows how to drive you crazy!

A more mature animal does need a heck of a lot more training and dedication from the person involved than a younger dog will. This is primarily because dogs are, like us!, and by the time they are grown, they are much more “set” in their ways.

I found this great video that is a classic example of training older dogs.  In this video you’ll see as the trainer teaches the dog to bow using a soft treat and repeated commands.  This is an effective technique.

Some people have reported a problem with training older dogs this particular trick because the dog wants to lay down his body.  The key to this trick is for the dog to put his face to the floor and his but stays standing.  It’s very cute when they do this correctly.

So, what is the easiest way for training older dogs? Well, not only do you have to be a bit stricter, but you have to be a good deal more cunning as well! In the same way that the more mature canine is a good deal more cunning than his younger siblings, you have to be the same!  You can be Chisel tests me sometimes! But I have to keep going until he  does what I want.

If found that I have to get him convinced that my ideas are really his ideas, or, make him believe that everything he does was his idea in the first place, and he will be far more likely do something whatever it is you ask!

For example, if he goes to sit down of his own accord, say “sit” and then praise him!

Then, he believes that it was his idea and after a while, if you just keep on repeating the methodology, eventually you will have him sitting on command.

Now, of course, this is, by nature a broad generalization and, as all pet owners are only too aware, not all animals are the same, or learn at the same pace. So, you might find that your particular more mature pet is wonderfully easy to train. Chisel was a great dog to train.  He wanted to please me any way he could and paid close attention to me. On the other hand, some dogs have a wide streak of stubbornness which will mean that they are much more resistant to change and thus, they are more difficult to train, irregardless of what you do.

Keep working and bonding with your dog and be positive.  Your adult dog should get it with focus from you.

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Oct 27

Sometimes – especially if not trained right as a puppy – older dogs will have problems with house training and they may need to be taught or re-taught not to pee or poop inside. You can teach an old dog new tricks and to help you, here are the tips for potty training older dogs.

The Process Of Training

1. Instead of teaching your dog not to urinate inside, teach them to urinate outside. Many experts agree that it is far easier to teach a dog – especially an older one – to do something rather than teach them to not do something.

2. Provide an area of your lawn for the dog to go outside. Make sure you are very consistent about where they pee or poop because that will make it easier for the older dog to learn.

3. Always use the same words for going outside because an older dog can get confused by various commands. Say “Need to Pee?” and keep using that phrase so the dog learns what it means.

4. If the dog does have an accident inside, make sure you remove all traces of it with vinegar and baking soda. Dogs can smell extremely well and if an older dog smells urine inside, they may think they are supposed to use that spot. This is very important for potty training older dogs.

5. Dogs will not pee or poop where they sleep so keep their sleeping area tight so there is no room for accidents around their bed.

6. Instead of feeding your dog before they go to sleep, lessen the amount you feed them to eliminate accidents at night.

7. Always ensure that it is easy for your dog to go outside by providing them with a doggie door if you have a fenced yard. Once they are properly trained, you won’t have to do anything as the dog goes outside. This makes potty training older dogs very easy.

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Oct 27

Hi Everyone!   Matt, here.

I’m a 42 year old guy who adopted an older rescue dog, Chisel.

I built this blog to help other older dog owners learn tips for training older dogs.  Training older dogs can be a challenge but adult dogs are a great time investment.  You’ll both enjoy the committment.

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